People standing in front of Lifebridge Thrift Shop in Salem, MA

The Lifebridge North Shore Team Behind The Mission

April 20, 2019

At Lifebridge North Shore, we have a great team where each member plays an important role. Case managers, directors, associates, and Board members make everything possible. Without our dedicated and passionate team, our goals wouldn’t be feasible. Here’s why they, indeed, are.


Through advocacy, strategic planning, philanthropy, financial management and governance, our Board of Directors are responsible for advancing the mission of Lifebridge North Shore.


What is that mission? What are our goals? What do we stand for? Lifebridge Team Photo


Lifebridge North Shore was founded on acceptance, hospitality, and opportunity. We have the goal of ending homelessness, and we believe we can do our part by starting on the North Shore. With our regional approach and expanded services, we’re not giving up.


Case management, groups, peer mentors, and all associates of Lifebridge accept anyone who walks through our doors. No matter which Lifebridge location people visit, they can expect the same respect and acceptance each time. Because of our skilled staff, our clients feel comfortable talking and getting the help they need. When you finally feel accepted for the first time, listening and support can go a long way. When our clients feel this acceptance, they’re able to grow, talk with peers in group sessions, and make progress with our case managers.


Lifebridge Team


Emergency & transitional shelters offer a place for people experiencing homelessness to get the rest and comfort they need. Clients can expect hospitable service, clean environments, access to nurses, showers, and products as needed. People have been able to find the stability they need with the help and hospitality of Lifebridge North Shore.



Our clients leave Lifebridge with improved skills, self-worth, and knowledge of self-sufficiency. This creates an opportunity for clients to move forward, to get a job, to start or further education, and to continue improving skills. We believe that everyone is capable of regaining control, and we don’t turn anyone away at Lifebridge North Shore. We help people find the best opportunities for them.


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