Achieving Ability & Self-Sufficiency

May 10, 2019

At each Lifebridge location, we work with clients facing various types of difficulties. Our case managers are beyond great when working with people who come to see us, no matter what they’re struggling with. We often find the need to help our clients achieve abilities again and finding ways of sustainability and self-sufficiency that work for them. Read on to learn about how we do this at Lifebridge.


We provide stability through community meals, available nurses, and supportive programs.


Clients have been able to find stability while interacting with Lifebridge, from three healthy meals a day to finding a primary care physician. When we meet with clients for the first time, we work to understand their needs and get them on the path to the proper care necessary. This ranges from registering clients for supportive programs, to connecting people with beds at emergency & transitional shelters.


The Starting Push

Sometimes our clients need the starting push in the right direction to achieve ability. These three meals a day are small yet meaningful achievements, and these achievements happen daily at Lifebridge.


permanent supportive housingSelf Sufficiency

When our clients haven’t had access to nurses, showers, and first-aid amenities, we help them towards self-sufficiency. Our programs guide people to learn how to take care of themselves and recognize responsibilities. Whether they’re working on developing economic or physical self-sufficiency, our clients can find the help they need along the way from Lifebridge.


Gaining or Regaining Ability

Achieving or regaining ability has to do with support and camaraderie. Case management at LifeBridge allows for each person to get the attention and detail-oriented casework they deserve. Every client is unique, and we treat each case as such. Gaining ability can be different for everyone, but we work hard to ensure each client feels comfortable and confident when leaving Lifebridge.


If you have questions about any of our supportive programs & training, please reach out to any of our Lifebridge locations. We will be happy to assist you. Stay up to date with our news & blogs to learn about everything happening at Lifebridge.

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