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Acceptance, Hospitality & Opportunity

June 10, 2019

At Lifebridge North Shore, we welcome clients with open arms to all of our locations. We are an organization with the mission to end homelessness. We do this on the basis of acceptance, hospitality, and opportunity. Read on to learn how and why we do this at Lifebridge North Shore.



When a client steps foot into Seeds of Hope, The River House, or The Grace Center, they are never turned away. No matter the circumstance or the issues they have been facing, we do not judge people for their hardships. Rather, we help them get past these hardships to work on achieving sustainability and personal well-being again.


Our locations at Lifebridge North Shore offer emergency and transitional shelter services. For those at high risk of emergencies, these shelter beds are often utilized. No matter what clients are going through – they can share or they don’t have to share with us – we still offer the same level of hospitality to everyone. Our hospitality gives clients access to showers, toiletries, and even nurses and medical attention.


Case management at Lifebridge



Though clients may step foot into a Lifebridge location without much hope, we help them realize their potential and show them the power of independence. Our supportive programs and training give clients the opportunity to start or finish their education, learn new skills, start new hobbies and hone their talents and interests. These often lead to next steps when clients leave Lifebridge and help them to prepare for a brighter and progressive future.


We help to get clients on their feet. Once they learn that we’re here to help, they do most of the progress on their own time, of their own volition. Our directors are here to assist clients, but they deserve all the credit for the hard work they put in.


If you have questions for us or think someone you know could benefit from Lifebridge North Shore services, contact us at any of our three locations.


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