Lifebridge North Shore During The Summertime

June 12, 2019

During the summertime at Lifebridge North Shore, we try our best to incorporate the season into our activities and training groups. Our clients enjoy doing a number of things outside, and many of our activities allow us to spend time outside, soaking up the sunshine.

Seeds of Hope Garden In Salem, MA

Our Lifebridge Seeds of Hope location in Salem, MA serves men and women from Essex County including Salem, Beverly, Lynn, Danvers, Peabody, Gloucester, Swampscott, and Marblehead. The Seeds of Hope Garden allows us to focus on nutrition in our community meals programs.


The kitchen staff and volunteers are able to incorporate freshly harvested produce into meals from our Seeds of Hope Garden. Residents are more inclined to make healthy eating choices, which improves their nutritional intake because they feel a sense of pride in their harvest. This garden is an awesome way we get our clients outdoors and working creatively during the summertime!

group picnic

Yoga, Music Therapy, & Knitting Programs At Lifebridge North Shore

Whenever possible, we try to hold programs outdoors during the summertime. When the sun is out, we find a nice place to sit and knit, have lunch, and relax in the shade. Outdoor yoga is always a hit for our clients.


The opportunity to get outside, connect with nature, and stretch in meditation is always beneficial for our clients. Yoga outdoors is a popular and therapeutic way we help people unwind during the summer. If we can do music therapy outdoors, we most definitely jump at any chance we get. Clients enjoy getting outside and working with Lifebridge mentors during the summertime.

Getting Outside

We believe in the power of just getting outside. The outdoors has a way of allowing us to calm ourselves and collect our thoughts. For a healthy lifestyle, we encourage clients to take walks and stay active.


Every once in a while, we all need to take that moment and get outside to enjoy Mother Nature. Even a quick walk is sometimes can do wonders, especially when the weather is beautiful on the North Shore.


If you have questions for us or think someone you know could benefit from Lifebridge North Shore services, contact us at any of our three locations.


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