Lifebridge Resources to Benefit the Community & Clients

June 17, 2019

We offer resources at Lifebridge North Shore that not only benefit our clients but also benefit the community. These resources are available for individuals in need of our services, or community members looking to volunteer at Lifebridge. Read on through this article to see how Lifebridge is making a true impact with these resources in the North Shore region.

Volunteer Opportunities

Clients and community members can volunteer for Lifebridge in a number of ways. This helps the community get involved and support our fight to end homelessness on the North Shore. Our communities feel as passionate about our mission as we do, and we love when we can all come together to work as one fighting force against this epidemic.

Through our skills trainings, clients have the opportunity to volunteer for Lifebridge. This gives motivated clients the opportunity to stay focused on something and is good practice for having a steady job. Clients develop a work ethic, communicate with others, and are contributing help all at the same time.


Donating Locally in the North Shore Region of MA

In a past article, we highlighted donation location drop-offs on the North Shore. You can donate to the Lifebridge Thrift Shop, as well as many other areas in our region. We love accepting drop-off donations because we know these lightly used items are going to great use.


Permanent & Supportive Housing

Lifebridge helps clients find permanent supportive housing that’s fit for them. We believe a safe and comfortable place to live, along with the help of Lifebridge services, plays an essential role in ending homelessness.


We are fortunate to offer 22 units of single-room occupancy housing in Salem, and five additional units in Beverly to those who were chronically homeless.


Tenants of this housing in Salem receive ongoing case management and have full access to all other programmatic services provided on the campus. It’s truly a beneficial option for individuals struggling for self-sufficiency. Kids in the Kitchen


Our case management team is now on-site and available to the new residents of Boston Street Crossing, a 26-apartment complex for homeless men and women in partnership with Harborlight Community Partners.


Supporting our community with these resources is essential to ending homelessness in our region. Along with assisting our clients to gain or regain stability, we’re a place for community members to find volunteer opportunities, and a place for people to meet, learn, and grow together.


If you have questions for us, or think someone you know could benefit from Lifebridge North Shore services, contact us at any of our three locations.


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