Finding The Right Program At Lifebridge

June 25, 2019

If you or someone you know could benefit from a program at Lifebridge North Shore, there are a few different options. Each program is designed for a different type of need. Read through this article to learn about our programs and see which services may be best for you or a loved one.


When finding meals has become an issue, consider our community meals programs. This program offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner to residents as well as all who are hungry. Fresh food and local harvests are offered with nutrition in mind. Community meals are served at our Lifebridge Seeds of Hope & Grace Center locations in Salem and Gloucester, MA.


If needs are imminent and it feels like you have no options, emergency and transitional shelters are here to help. At our shelters located at all three Lifebridge locations are offered to help individuals to get on their feet, get a hot meal, and have a safe place to sleep.


Intensive case management

Our intensive case management programs are for clients whose needs are more specific and debilitating. Lifebridge case managers focus on helping clients get adequate and regular healthcare as well as mental healthcare, financial stability, sobriety, and skills development. Our case management provides ongoing support and guidance to clients who need it most.



You or someone you know could get the help they need in a program at Lifebridge North Shore. Thousands of people have been able to find stability while interacting with Lifebridge, from three healthy meals a day, to finding a primary care physician or obtaining an identification card.


If you have questions about our programs, or if you’re wondering how a program could benefit you, please contact us today so we can assist you properly.

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