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Solving A Crisis Starts At Home

July 1, 2019

There are so many needs of those who are homeless or under-housed in the US. When it comes to the North Shore, the visibility of this crisis is more prominent than ever. In 2017, there were 553,742 people in the US experiencing homelessness, and 17,565 in Massachusetts alone. 

We know that this is an issue, and we are passionate about ending homelessness. That’s why we’ve taken a regional approach by expanding our services to reach a greater population on the North Shore. We believe solving a crisis starts at home, and if every community put in the effort, we would see great results. In 2017, we served 1,1000 people, and each year this number has been growing rapidly. 


Through community meals, emergency & transitional shelters, and intensive case management, our services offer help and stability to those who need it. Lifebridge North Shore staff and volunteers have learned the power of lending a helping hand. Our success stories prove that there is value in helping others in need. Here’s how we do it:


Programs At Lifebridge NS

Our programs help clients get the nutrition they need for a healthy diet, and learn the skills they need to progress in life. Some of our clients simply could not receive these resources anywhere else. As we’re proud to be able to offer these services and help so many people on the North Shore, we’re just as committed to getting others involved, and keeping this momentum going.


Resources at the Lifebridge Thrift Shop

harborlight community partnersThe Lifebridge Thrift Shop plays an important role in our community. It’s a place that has become one of the greatest resources for people in the region. People are able to find everything they need for inexpensive prices, and the thrift shop finds really help to keep them on their feet. 


Managers & Mentors At Lifebridge NS

Case managers and site directors play a huge role in the stability and success of our clients. Having someone to talk to goes a long way, and sometimes our clients need a trusted mentor they can work with to gain the confidence they need. Our case managers are experienced and skilled at working with people to get the assistance they need. 


With three locations in Salem, Beverly, and Gloucester, we’re starting at home on the North Shore to solve this crisis. These expanded services, as of 2018, allow us to reach more people, spread more awareness of our support, and essentially move closer to reaching our goals.


If you’re interested in learning more about Lifebridge services and community impact, reach out to the staff with your questions. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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