Housing For Those In Need On The North Shore

July 15, 2019

There are many individuals on the North Shore that are homeless and under-housed. This means a large population in our region does not have a safe place to sleep, access to a hot shower, and a comfortable warm bed at night. This is something we are passionate about helping. 


We combat this issue on the North Shore by offering services to find individuals permanent supportive housing. When individuals are safe and comfortable, we then assist with regaining stability and confidence. It is our belief that permanent housing combined with supportive services plays an essential role in ending homelessness.


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Lifebridge is fortunate to offer 22 units of single room occupancy housing in Salem, and five additional units in Beverly to those who were chronically homeless. These housing units get people in a good place so they can start working to better their lives, work with case managers, and find Lifebridge programs that will help them improve their skills and education.


Tenants receive ongoing case management and have full access to all other programmatic services provided on the campus. Through intensive case management, individuals work to overcome debilitating obstacles and achieve stability and self-sufficiency. Case management focuses on assisting our residents to achieve and maintain adequate healthcare, financial stability, sobriety, and essential skills with our ongoing support.


Our case management team is now on-site and available to the new residents of Boston Street Crossing, a 26-apartment complex for homeless men and women in partnership with Harborlight Community Partners. 


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We are proud to be tracking and measuring all of the “small successes” along our client’s journey to ending their homelessness. Thousands of people have been able to find stability while interacting with Lifebridge, from three healthy meals a day, to finding a primary care physician or obtaining an identification card. These are small, yet meaningful achievements occurring daily. We offer case management at three locations, Seeds of Hope, River House, and the Grace Center.


Permanent supportive housing coupled with case management is one of the ways we help our clients. For more than three decades, Lifebridge has been working to meet the most urgent needs of the homeless and under-housed on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. As we keep this momentum going, we’re always accepting new clients and working to help others as much as possible. Reach out to the Lifebridge staff for questions about housing availability, and learn more about our case management services. 

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