Getting Clients Involved with The Community

August 10, 2019

One of our goals at Lifebridge is to get our clients involved with their communities. We do this through our training, supportive programs, and individual case management.


Experienced case managers at Lifebridge help to facilitate individuals into the best opportunities available to them within their communities. This means volunteering, trash pickup, and community work, as well as kitchen assistance in cooperating businesses.


Sometimes, all it takes is keeping yourself busy, setting goals, and staying on track in order to regain stability. Some individuals experiencing homelessness need that extra push to get going and stay productive.

lissa and ducky

When our clients get the push they need to get involved, they’re often beyond satisfied, and they stay involved. 


We like to think of our support and assistance as igniting a flame. We want to ignite a flame of motivation in our clients that burns forever, pushing them to continuously better themselves and stay active and involved over time. 


Lifebridge staff highlights the value of community-based interactions, and our clients almost always love the networking and friendships they make. This gives them a sense of community, one that some of these people have never had before in their lives. 


We love being able to bridge these gaps and encourage involvement with something that is beneficial to both themselves and their communities. 

Supportive Training Programs

Lifebridge emphasizes the importance of seeking help when it comes to gaining or regaining stability. Nobody can do it alone! Community, friendship, and case managers all play a huge role in the success of our clients. 


This type of community interaction is necessary for our clients to build the skills they lack. It allows our clients to potentially step out of their comfort zones, try something new, and see what it’s really like to work with people in a way they maybe never have before. Clients find themselves feeling a sense of belonging, trust and camaraderie through community-based interaction.

We are happy to be able to connect people with these opportunities that can really benefit their lives. If someone you know is experiencing homelessness and could utilize these community-based interactions, send them to Lifebridge. 

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