September & October In Salem, MA

September 3, 2019

If you’re a resident of Salem, a historian, or a lover of all things witchcraft, you probably know the Salem area very well. Downtown Salem, MA experiences the busy season during September and October, and we all know this can be a crazy and hectic time of the year. 


When it comes to the homeless community of Salem, we’re here to help. We know the busy season can feel long and overwhelming for people experiencing homelessness. There are more people, tourists, and events happening daily. This makes it difficult for people experiencing homelessness to focus on their goals and work towards stability and self-sufficiency. For these people, Halloween time may feel unbearable at times. We’re here to combat this, and offer support.

Salem, MA Lifebridge Locations

Our locations in Salem include the Lifebridge Thrift Shop as well as Seeds of Hope. The Lifebridge Thrift Shop is located on Canal Street, and offers great bargains and supplies for our clients. This resource is beneficial for the homeless or under-housed community of our region because without it, they may not find access to affordable, basic needs. This option for clothing and supplies helps to keep people on their feet. Seeds of Hope is located on Margin Street, and doesn’t just serve Salem. Seeds of Hope primarily serves individual men and women from all over Essex County. This includes Salem, Beverly, Lynn, Danvers, Peabody, Gloucester, Swampscott and Marblehead. 

Reaching Out For Support Is The First Step

Getting people in our doors is the first step. Though Seeds of Hope is located right in Salem, some people still don’t come to us, whether they are unaware of our services or they’re uninterested. This is why if you have a loved one, or know someone experiencing homelessness, it’s so important that you point them in our direction so we can get them the help they need. 

What Can You Do To Help?

During the busy season, instead of potentially turning the other cheek, offer assistance and support by guiding people to Lifebridge. Suggest Lifebridge to those people in your community that may need to hear: “there’s support out there for you.” Ask yourself what you can do to help and make an impact. Whether this means volunteering during the busy season or the winter, everyone can contribute in some way.

Ignoring the homeless community in our region will not make them disappear. Living by the values of acceptance, however, may be a positive pushing factor for those seeking stability. If you have questions about Lifebridge services or programs, please contact us for more information.

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