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Build Your Winter Wardrobe at Lifebridge Thrift Shop 

November 16, 2019

Winter clothes are undeniably important, but also undeniably expensive at many of our favorite retail locations. 

But luckily, for those of us not interested in spending our life savings on a winter jacket, an alternative option exists.

Thrift Shops offer low prices on quality materials that can help you achieve a big budget look for a low budget price. Swing by the Lifebridge Thrift Shop at 47 Canal Street in Salem, MA, and find unmatched deals that will keep you looking good, and feeling good, all winter long. 

There’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to creating wardrobes at a thrift shop, but just in case you’re looking for a creative spark, we’ve brainstormed some of our favorite wardrobe building ideas below.  

Thrift Shop Clothes Salem, MA

Search for Your Favorite Brands

You may be surprised at just how much clothing you’ll find from your favorite brands at a quality thrift shop. Generally speaking, you’re going to feel better being dressed in brands you’re familiar with than in brands you aren’t. There’s also a strong possibility that the names you recognize will better withstand the test of time in regards to fabric quality and durability.

With that being said, don’t be afraid to venture out and mix in some new things as well. The diversity of options found at a thrift store is what makes the shopping experience so much fun. 

Experiment With Sizes 

Just because something doesn’t fit you in the conventional sense, doesn’t mean it can’t be part of an outfit that works. If you find a shirt you love, for example, that hangs a bit looser on you than you’re familiar with, try to mix and match with different outfits till you find a combination that works.

Typically, you’d rather be wearing something that’s a bit too big rather than too small. If you reach the point where your clothing has become restrictive, you’ve probably gone too far. 

Fashion is an ever-evolving ideology, and it’s up to you to decide what you feel good in. Take some chances, follow your instincts, and if you need to, redesign your wardrobe!

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Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters

You can typically find awesome value on sweaters at thrift shops. Sweaters are a crucial piece of clothing in the winter time, but are also an awesome addition to outfits throughout most of the year. 

With V-necks, sweatshirts, cardigans, and more, there are sweaters for every occasion and every different type of person. Take advantage of the discounts and find the style that works best for you. 

Don’t be afraid to stock up on maybe a sweater or two extra on your thrift-shop shopping spree either. They always seem to come in handy, and as your fashion preferences change, it’s nice to have an extra sweater or two hanging in the closet. 


Have Fun!

If you’re seeking a quality thrift shop in the Massachusetts area, look no further than the Lifebridge Thrift Shop at 47 Canal Street in Salem, MA. With helpful team members, unbeatable deals, and a positive impact on the community, the Lifebridge Thrift Shop is the go-to spot for you to redesign your winter wardrobe without breaking the bank. 


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