The Culture of Thrift Shopping

December 13, 2019

In addition to offering shoppers an opportunity to choose a wardrobe on a budget, thrift shopping has developed a sort of underground following in the fashion world.

People take pride in putting together extravagant outfits for awesomely low prices. From Mackelmore to your local shopping center, here are some of the reasons you should start choosing your wardrobes from thrift shops.

Woman clothe shopping

Awesome Prices

This is definitely the selling point on thrift shopping. Some people shop at thrift stores in search of clothes they can afford, while others simply don’t want to break their budget on clothing.

No matter what the reasoning is, clothes shopping is an area you can save a few bucks in. You can even find brand names you know and recognize for awesomely discounted prices.

Unique Styles

Thrift stores offer opportunities to come up with some really personalized, unique outfits.

Since clothes aren’t always broken up by brand or style, there is more of a “whatever works” mindset. This leads to clothing combinations and accessorizing that you may never have thought of at a typical retail store.

Thrift shopping really does offer a chance to get creative, so take some risks and figure out your ‘fit!

A stylish girl in a thrift shop
Supporting Your Community

Often times proceeds from thrift shops go towards funding programs for the homeless community, or other community services.

Buying from your local thrift shop truly is a community process. From the clothing donations, to your purchase, to the good that is done with the profits, buying from these stores is a way to make a difference without even realizing it.

Why go thrift shopping? It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it makes an impact in the community. The better question is, why wouldn’t you go thrift shopping?

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